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Supplier Compliances, Audits, Risk Management

Modern organizations have supplier base around the globe, this brings some challenges like making sure that parts are produced by right supplier using: Right manufacturing processes, Supplier follows all needed compliances, regulations and guidelines, Supplier’s Risk is accesses and managed.

End-to-End Supplier Audits

We offer complete End-to-End Solution for Supplier Audits.
Our modules for Supplier Audits comprises of three Audit levels which suits need every organization.
Audit solution involves digital audit sheets, Action plans related to Audits and follow-up reminders for Audits.
Our products establish collaborative relationship of complete Supplier Audit Process with all potential stakeholders. Our product offers centralized access points for all audits, plan and entire audit documentations.

Manufacturing Process Audits

Specific key processes like CASTING, FORGING, MACHINING, HEAT TREATMENT, WELDING & COATING are having detailed process audit sheets.
These Audits are based on core of manufacturing processes and we have put our experience to cover all critical to process (CTP) and critical to quality (CTQ) aspects of these production methods.
We offer complete package right from planning audits, conducting & documenting audit results, Audit performance management, Action plan tracking & related document management at supplier site.
Our product offers ease & intuitive interface to your Supplier Quality Engineer to complete these Process Audits which are at core for Supplier Performance.

Risk Management and Compliance Audits

Supplier Risk Identification needs a detailed approach like Quality Management Audits. We have developed special Risk management audit templates which focus on entire operations at supplier end.
These risk and compliances audit tool kits offer unique integrated platform for all stakeholders in supply chain for Identification, Evaluation and Management of Operational Risks at supplier side.
Process of Risk Management and Compliance is carried out at central platform right from planning, conducting audits, reporting audit, action plan preparation and monitoring. These tools are having inbuilt standard options as well as possibility to customize them as per your needs.

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