Unique Tooling Management for Procurement and Supply Chain experts

Master Tool Management

  • Keep your tool related data at your finger tip
  • Master Tool Management offers you:
    • Tool material information
    • Use of tool (for example: casting pattern, forging die, stamping tool, welding fixture, machining tools)
    • Number of cavities
    • Related first sample inspection reports
    • Tool inspection reports from supplier
    • Tool release reports
    • Unique tool identification in system
    • Tool identification at supplier side
    • Estimated tool life management
    • Investments in tooling
  • Upload, edit and delete tools
  • Tools are corelated with part numbers and revision status of part

Tool Revision Management

  • Many times supplier makes tool corrections and modifications which are not documented and communicated to customer!
  • Tool Revision Management allows you to keep track of all such actions
  • SQtooling offers great support during Engineering Changes as all tool related data is available in real-time with SQtooling
  • Software keeps track of all old and new revisions in tool.
  • Supporting files like technical simulation output and part master 3D can be stored and accessed at ease of few clicks

Tool Life Management

  • Digital management of tool life for all your supplier’s manufacturing tools
  • Simple Uploading of data from current ERP-system
  • Real-time tracker of tool life
  • Exporting tool life data for further analysis
  • Tool life tracked as per supplier and tool number
  • Avoid lot of communication need via mails for tool life data
  • Budgeting & CAPEX process for toolings at your suppliers needs now only couple of minutes with SQtooling

Tool Cost Planning

  • SQtooling offer you to plan tool costs and budget in advance
  • Tool Planning allows you now smooth introduction of new tools
  • Advance intimations and warnings, offers proper cashflow management
  • Tool Life and Tool Costs offer you to calculate your purchased part cost more accurately
  • Supplier Comparison for same part and tooling can be made

Tool History and Repairs

  • Keep track of each repair made by supplier on tool
  • Tool History involves change of spares, maintenance details and modifications made on tool
  • Supporting documents like Inspection after repair/change and details of change are stored
  • Co-relation of change and supporting documents makes decision process faster
  • As customer, you have access to all real-time  status of your manufacturing tools at your suppliers

Further smart features of SQtooling

Supplier Tool Performance

Tool Document Management

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