All-in-One solution for Supplier Quality Management, Procurement experts, Auditors and Supply Chain Teams

Supplier Quality Audits

  • Basic Lean Supplier Audit: This is a lean audit which organizations would use in first phase of supplier involvement.
  • Advanced Supplier Audit: This audit goes in more details of processes and Quality Management Systems at supplier.
  • VDA 6.3 Potential Analysis: Efficient potential analysis covering essential aspects and providing the potentials very precisely. 
  • Custom Supplier Audit: This allows us to integrate your current specific audit requirements, company, product, process and sectoral systems into the software. 

Initial Product Feasibility

  • SQassist manage complete product feasibility process digitally and collaborative
  • Pre-filled feasibility sheets. Review for each area in product manufacturing.
  • Unique feasibility sheet number for tracking and reporting
  • Online and collaborative Deviation Request Management
  • Involvement of Suppliers, Quality, Engineering and Procurement on one platform.


  • Only Software which provide PPAP (Production Part Approval Process) and EMPB (Erstmusterprüfbericht) on single cloud platform
  • E-Submission for PPAP with all supporting documents
  • E-PSW (Part Submission Warrant) Approval online with digital signatures
  • E-Submission for EMPB with all supporting documents stored digitally.
  • Approval or Rejection for every document from supplier side
  • All documents stored digitally
  • No searching time for particular project related document and management of levels of PPAP

Part Inspection Management

  • SQassist offer you in detail digital system for handling inspections for initial samples, supplier on-site inspections and plant inspections.
  • You can cover all aspect of part inspection for individual part and for assembly parts. Just to mention few:
    • Dimensional inspection,
    • Material inspection incl. microstructures,
    • Welding inspection,
    • NDT (e.g. RT, UT, MPT)
    • Norm/Standard and Custom part inspections.
  • Importing of Drawing & Reports is feasible.
  • Approval of Deviation is made digital & well archived
  • Supporting files & photos are stored on safe digital could platform
  • Unique designed inspection report analyser gives insight of inspection KPI’s

Rejection and Rework Management

  • SQassist offers single digital platform to record, analyse all your rework and rejections.
  • You can enter data or import all rejection and rework data from your current ERP-System easily with only one click
  • Defect Wise Analysis for each rejection & rework which supports all improvement actions
  • SQassist provides one click analysis for:
    • Supplier wise Rejection
    • Supplier wise Rework
    • Costs associated with Rejection/Rework
    • Total Overview of Rejection/Reworks
  • Unique KPI reports for costs of rejection and rework

Supplier Quality Performance

  • SQassist digitally supports your need of Supplier Performance Management
  • Extracts meaningful KPI’s from big data of various activities related to supplier
  • Supplier Performance is tracked in:
    • Audits (QMS & Process Audits)
    • New Product Development, APQP & PPAP projects
    • Part Inspections
    • Rework and Rejection
    • Complaint response
    • Training and development
  • Real-time performance KPI’s for specific supplier, entire pool of suppliers and as per specific period

Further smart features. All-in-One digital SQM solution.



Tool Management

Supplier Development

Training Management

Task Management

Custom Projects

Document Manager

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