Intelligent supplier auditing for supplier quality engineers, quality supervisors and auditors. Your end-to-end cloud based smart audit support. This covers right from audit planning to action plan tracking on one platform.

Quality Management System Audit

  • SQaudit is your end-to-end cloud based smart audit support. This covers right from audit planning to action plan tracking on one platform
  • Three types of supplier audits with questions which covers all Quality Management System (QMS) requirements:
    • Basic Audit: Covers all basic QMS requirements, lean and efficient audit for small and medium size suppliers
    • Advance Audit: goes in more details of processes and QMS at supplier – recommendable for big and critical suppliers
    • Custom Audit: integrate your current specific audit requirements
  • Each audit question has detailed explanation which gives auditor more clarification for intention behind
  • Plan and conduct the audit, review and circulate the results

VDA 6.3 Potential Analysis

  • SQaudit has integrated VDA 6.3 Potential analysis based supplier evaluation
  • This process is completely digitally managed
  • SQaudit use all master data like supplier details and auditor details to generate proper reports
  • VDA 6.3 audit conclusion guides auditor to define next steps with supplier
  • Software provides unique action plan sheet with each audit
  • All supporting document for audit like photos and files are stored on cloud and can found at any time with few clicks

Manufacturing Process Audit

  • SQaudit has unique Process Audit check sheets for making sure that manufacturing processes are stable at your (sub-)supplier
  • These include but not limited to:
    • Casting Process audit
    • Forging Process audit
    • Fabrication Process audit
    • Heat Treatment Process audit
    • Surface Coating process audit
    • Machining Process audit
  • Audit process is managed with same master data, so auditor can focus on actual audits
  • Each audit is supported by digitally managed action plans

Supplier Risk Management Audit

  • SQaudit has also unique Supplier Risk Management Audit
  • This supplier risk audit cover all operational and other areas. Some of these critical areas are:
    • General Management
    • Compliance Risk Management
    • Customer data and Property Management
    • Operational Risk Management
    • Financial Risk Management
  • Questions are guided with audit input for each section which makes auditor clear about intention behind audit
  • Score and ranking radar makes it easy to identify risks at suppliers

Audit Report and Analyzer

  • SQaudit offers digitally managed audit analyzers which includes:
    • Complete supplier audit Report
    • Summary of supplier audit
    • Graphical representation of supplier audit performance
    • Supporting Document section
    • Improvement Action plan based on audit
    • List of all supplier audits with all details
    • Drill down graphics for supplier audits based on type of audits, country wise and SQE wise

Further smart features of SQaudit

Audit Action Plan Tracker

Audit Planner

Audit Task Management

Audit Document Management

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